Fully Automated Absence Reporting System

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Accurately keeping track of when employees report their absences can be a drain on your company’s time and resources. Take control of your absence management reporting routine by partnering with MorningStar Health. We provide in-depth software for employees to report their absences through a web app or phone system that is customized based on your company’s absence reason codes, and can be integrated with other leaves, including FMLA (federal and state) and Short Term Disability management.

Make life easier for your Human Resource (HR) team, supervisors, and employees by utilizing our fully automated absence reporting system services. Our system allows your employees to report their absences 24/7 using our web app or toll-free automated phone line.  Their designated supervisor(s) will receive a real-time email or text message notifying them of the employee’s absence or leave, the time the absence was reported, the absence reason, and any message left by the employee (voice mail or text).  Our system allows you and your supervisory team to run comprehensive absence reports by date range, employee, departments, shifts or locations to use for future planning purposes.

Keep Track of Your Employees’ Absence Consistently

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With our advanced absence report capabilities and 24/7 reporting system, you’re able to get up-to-date information on your employees’ reported absences. These reports provide detailed information and accessibility including:

      • Absence Reason Codes
      • Secure Web-Based Reports
      • Employee, Location, Department, and Shift Information
      • Human Resource Department Access

Integrated with Our FMLA and Disability Services

In addition to reporting general employee absences, our absence management system is fully integrated with our FMLA, Short Term Disability, and Workers’ Compensation management services. This allows you and your Human Resource department to easily and conveniently monitor your employees’ leaves and protected absences without wasting valuable time or company resources.

Customized Absence Reporting Line Greetings

Ensure your employees utilize your absence reporting line by producing a customized greeting for the toll-free number they call. This assures your employees that their absence will be recorded properly and helps streamline the process for everyone involved. Whether employees call in via phone or use the web app, you are able to view their information in one location which grants access to all authorized users, including your company’s Human Resource department, as you designate. These absence reports help reduce improperly recorded absences, lost records and miscommunication between departments.

Cut down on wasted time and resources at your company today by taking control of your absence reporting.