Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance to Protect You and Your Employees

Americans with Disabilities Act

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be confusing and frustrating. Get all the assistance you need from the professionals at MorningStar Health. We work with companies nationwide to help them understand and follow the ADA guidelines that allow all of your employees to work to their fullest potential and help keep your company running smoothly.

Our ADA services include a number of key components designed to ensure that you maintain ADA compliance and provide the most reasonable accommodations possible for your employees. From case management by experienced Human Resource professionals, registered nurses, and physicians to independent medical evaluation coordination, our ADA services are here to make sure your business operates within the law. When necessary, our company also manages Family and Medical Leave (FML) for employees who must miss work due to medical concerns.

Helping You Navigate the Confusing ADA Laws

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With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act in 2008, many business owners and managerial staff may be confused by what exactly the ADA requires of them. Our team helps you understand the ADA guidelines in simple and coherent terms, and assists you in making the changes you need to comply with these laws. Our ultimate goal is to benefit your company by maintaining ADA compliance while protecting your greatest asset – your employees.

The main requirement of the ADA is to offer reasonable accommodations for employees who provide documentation of a disability that affects them at work. There can be much confusion surrounding the phrase “reasonable accommodations”, so our team helps you determine what is reasonable and how best to assist your employees.

Human Resources and Medical Professionals Working for You

When you’re evaluating the need for federally-mandated disability accommodations, it’s best to leave the specifics to qualified professionals. Our company utilizes the expertise of Human Resource professionals, registered nurses and physicians to help ensure that your employees’ requests are covered under the ADA. Make sure you fulfill your ADA requirements by letting our experienced team analyze each request. We work closely with you to ensure that accommodations are legally compliant and reasonable for you as well as your employees.

Key Features of Our ADA Services ProgramsBlind man reading braille book on the couch.

To keep your business running efficiently, it’s important to fulfill your obligations under the ADA so you can maintain legal compliance. By working with our company, you’re able to save time, money and frustration by leaving the hard work to us. Some of the key features of our ADA services include:

  • Interactive dialog process
  • Case management between employee, employer and health care provider
  • Physician-to-Physician review
  • Evaluation of employee’s health condition related to the essential functions of the job
  • Independent medical evaluation coordination if necessary
  • Reasonable accommodation recommendations