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Dude, where’s my car?” by Eric Meyer on 1/11/18

‘No more babies’ and ‘Pregnant, bye’ are bad talking points for your managers” by Eric Meyer on 10/20/17

Does the ADA protect an individual who uses prescription drugs to battle addiction to illegal drugs?” by Eric Meyer 10/3/17

I’ll hang out for a bit while you grab the maximum-leave policy in your employee handbook” by Eric Meyer on 7/19/17

Call me, maybe? The FMLA requires much more!” by Eric Meyer on 4/19/17

Yo, dawg! EEOC sues employer over not letting trucker use his service animal for work” by Eric Meyer on 3/6/17

FMLA Insights

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Pregnant Woman Fired by Text Message: ‘Sorry… But It’s not Going to Work Out’” by Jeff Nowak on 9/26/18

Next Time Your Employee Requests FMLA Leave, Choose Sincerity with a Touch of Empathy” by Jeff Nowak on 05/10/18

At last! Not One, But TWO Court Decisions That Scale Back an Employee’s Right to Take Additional Leave After FMLA is Exhausted” by Jeff Nowak on 10/26/17

When You Don’t Train Your Managers on the FMLA, You’re Begging for This Kind of Smackdown” by Jeff Nowak on 10/19/17

Poorly Implemented FMLA Policies and Procedures are Killing Employers. Don’t Be That Employer.” by Jeff Nowak on 8/17/17

Manager’s Thoughtless Comment Resurrects Poor Performer’s FMLA Claims” by Jeff Nowak on 3/30/17

Disclosing an Employee’s Medical Condition May Result in an Automatic FMLA Violation.” by Jeff Nowak on 1/25/17