Remain Family and Medical Leave Compliant with Our Skilled Guidance

Family Medical Leave Act

Frequent or unpredictable absences can wreak havoc on the efficiency and profitability of your business. MorningStar Health provides expertise in all aspects of Family and Medical Leave (FML) management, including the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and mandated state leaves. We manage claims objectively and according to the regulations. By ensuring that your company is FML compliant, you can help your employees get the time off work they need for appropriate medical or family issues and reduce the number of inappropriate claims.

Reduce Costs by Leaving FML Management to Us

When you leave FML management to our team of experienced medical and Human Resource professionals, you save not only time but money. Our services often result in over a 300% return on investment by eliminating lost work time and administrative costs. In addition, we provide state-of-the art software that integrates absence reporting and FML entitlement tracking, enabling you to utilize just one source for all your leave needs.

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Clarify and Authenticate FML Requests

MorningStar Health will clarify and authenticate your employees’ leave requests to ensure time off work is appropriate. Our physicians can clarify your employees’ need for leaves with their health care providers. In addition, our experienced Human Resource staff and medical professionals will evaluate claims for potential second opinions in order to maximize the effectiveness of the process.

Prevent FML Abuse and Reduce Absenteeism

Law Book and GavelFrequent absences can harm employee morale in addition to hurting your company’s profits. MorningStar Health’s leave management services will help ensure that your FML is administered properly and unnecessary lost work time is mitigated.  Our knowledgeable human resource professionals will work closely with you to navigate complex leave laws. By outsourcing your FML management to MorningStar Health, you will notice improvements in employee attendance, morale, and productivity.

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