Save Money on Short Term Disability Services

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MorningStar Health uses a medical model supported by physicians and registered nurses to review your employees’ Short Term Disability (STD) leave requests.  We work closely with your employees, their health care providers and Human Resource team to help expedite your employees’ return to work.  We use a physician-to-physician model that helps identify possible quality of care issues or mitigates unnecessary lost work time.

MorningStar Health’s STD management services are designed to integrate effectively and efficiently with our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave (FML) and Workers’ Compensation (WC) Medical Director programs.  This approach allows us to treat claims holistically versus as individual parts.  Plus, this “one-stop shopping” often returns an ROI of over 300%, which saves your company valuable time and money.

As part of our disability management services, we provide Advice-to-Pay (ATP) or check cutting services.  Our ATP services includes weekly payments reports detailing the gross weekly STD benefits to be paid to your disabled employees.  This allows your company to process the payments through your payroll and withhold all deductions, including health insurance premiums.  Your company will no longer need to track these benefit deductions, work out payment plans with your employees or place them in arrears, which can save tens of thousands of dollars a year in uncollected payments.

Management Services by Experienced Professionals

Outsource your Short Term Disability management to MorningStar Health and save money as well as time. Our thoroughly trained and experienced experts base their review on analysis of your employees’ medical information, to determine if the amount of time off requested is reasonable. In addition, if reduced hours or light duty would help your employees return to normal duties more quickly, our case managers are here to help facilitate your employees’ return to work.

Reduce the Number of Days Missed Due to Disability

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Missed days of work impact not only your company’s productivity and employee morale but also the employee who is missing work. By reducing the number of missed days due to temporary disability, we are able to improve your employee’s lives as well as your company’s profitability. Our human resources and medical staff work together with your employees’ medical team to help them return to work safely.

Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Care Management

In addition to certification and management of STD benefits, our company provides Comprehensive Health Assessments (CHA). These assessments are recommended when employees on disability leave are considered to be at high risk for excessive lost work time, high medical claims costs, or future disability claims.

These assessments cover medical, behavioral, and related aspects and may be able to uncover an undiagnosed illness that could be contributing to an employee’s disability. A CHA can develop a plan to facilitate an employee’s wellness and expedite their return to work.

Allow our team to partner with you to take control of your Short Term Disability benefits by helping your employees and saving your company valuable dollars.