Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Services


The last thing any business owner or leader wants is an employee to be injured while on the job. We never want to see our employee get hurt or experience the devastating effects on our business.  With MorningStar Health, we work with your Human Resource team and Workers’ Compensation insurance provider to determine if the employee’s injury or illness is work-related and help your employee return to normal functioning as soon as possible. When you integrate our Workers’ Compensation Medical Director services with our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), or Short Term Disability (STD) programs, we are able to help more of your employees and save your company significant dollars.

Get Your Employees Healthy and Back on the Job

The most important goal of any Workers’ Compensation program is to get your employee healthy and able to work again. Whether you require on-site services or coordination of care with specialists for a work-related injury, we provide the resources you need to reduce your Workers’ Compensation losses and get your employees back to work.

Skilled Staff Handling All Aspects of Workers’ Compensation Programs

Our team of medical and administrative staff has over 100 years of combined experience helping employers reduce their lost work time and medical claims costs.  When you utilize our Medical Director services, a physician provides case management to your injured or ill employees to help get them back to productive work as soon as possible.  We also have nursing and administrative staff that will help your company manage its safety and Workers’ Compensation programs.  We will run an annual loss analysis so you’re able to see exactly how your company’s Workers’ Compensation incident rate, lost work time and medical spending compares to national and industry averages.  This information is essential for the continuous improvement of your company’s safety program.

Save Money on Workers’ Compensation Management

Our Medical Directors are experienced physicians who are able to reduce your Workers’ Compensation costs by evaluating each case independently and then directing the best course of treatment for your employees or developing an action plan with your company’s management team.  Our doctors are experienced in occupational medicine and have in-depth knowledge of work-related injuries. Many of our clients realize a 20-70% reduction in their indemnity and medical claims costs during the first one to two years. In addition to managing each Workers’ Compensation case effectively, we provide detailed reports on your return-on-investment so you can rest easy knowing you’re saving money by working with our team.

Numerous Options for Various Workers’ Compensation Claims

When an employee is injured at work, you may be unsure of what route to take, when the employee will return to work and how this will effect your Workers’ Compensation costs.  We focus on the injured employee by determining early if the case is most likely work-related or not, and if it is compensable, then managing his or her care well.  We also help companies become more proactive by implementing effective programs for safety and post-offer employment physicals.

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